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Kamen Rider Faiz, Riotrooper by Taiko554
Kamen Rider Faiz, Riotrooper
Moving onto the next Kamen Rider series, here's another design from Kamen Rider Faiz.  Well, just the one, since there's no real reason to post multiple of the exact same design but w/e.

The Riotroopers were all baddies/monsters who used mass-produced belts from the organization Smart Brain to fight the heroes.  As such, there's a Smart Brain logo on their belt on chest.  While they may not be actual riders, the Riotroopers are pretty damn close.    They're designs fit into the Faiz mold pretty well, almost just being recolors of Faiz himself, and they henshin/transform by using belts.  I can't recall if they were in the series or movie first, but I'm inclined to say movie. 

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
Looks to be another SD art thief on the prowl.  I just thought people should know.
Kamen Riders Blade, Movie Riders by Taiko554
Kamen Riders Blade, Movie Riders
Here are the final three riders from Kamen Rider Blade, all three from the movie 'Missing Ace'.  They're all from an alternate future and as such are kinda meant to be replacements of the series' riders.  They're also kinda just copies of one another, with Glaive getting the extra pieces.

Lance is the green with orange accents on the left.  Glaive is the yellow with red in the middle, also the villain of the movie, revealed to be the white Joker.  Larc is the female in red with green accents. 

Design wise, I'm good with them.  I don't remember liking the three too much when I watched Blade/the movie, but that's fine.  Their designs are kinda simple with the armor and visors playing on the letter 'A' a bunch.  It's kinda redundant but kinda neat as well.  My favorite is actually Lance, I just like how the armor looks in green and I think the design looks sharper and more violent than the other two (which I know is odd to say, but still).  Not much else to say here really.

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
Kamen Rider Chalice by Taiko554
Kamen Rider Chalice
Here's the fourth and final series rider from Kamen Rider Blade.  Of course there are three more from the movie, but Chalice here is the last from the TV series.

Chalice has two forms, his standard/normal ace form and his suped-up Chalice Wild form.  The form on the left/standard form is also also basically a monster form, being the Mantis Undead's appearance with the Undead's belt (i.e. not the belt on the rider).  Chalice is actually a monster and eventually revealed to be the Joker Undead, but he's still a good guy in the end.

Chalice's design is a cool one.  Despite being based on the hearts suit, he's not too...'heart'-like...'heart'-y?  The most obvious hearts he's got on him are the visor and belt buckle.  I do really like how the design seems to just barely fit into Blade's theme, as it only has a few minor similarities.  My favorite part of the design may be the green mantis/heart symbol on Chalice Wild, it just looks so cool to me.

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
All Kamen Riders (for now!) by Taiko554
All Kamen Riders (for now!)
***Updated 6/23/15 with the updated riders from Drive***

This is going to be another large WIP piece that will be added to every now and again. I've wanted to do another "All Rider" pic ever since I made my templates, but I never thought I had enough of them actually done to warrant it.   120+ (woooo!) riders and counting! As I make the other series and riders, I'll add them here as well. 

At the top, we see the original rider who started it all, Kamen Rider 1/Ichigou
In the back/top row, we see the next six Showa Era riders (Stronger, X, 2/Nigou, V3, Riderman, and Amazon).
In the next row, we have the remaining eight Showa riders (ZO, Black RX, Black, Super-1, Skyrider, ZX, Shin, and J).
In the next row, we've got Agito (Another Agito, Gills, Agito, G3-X, G3 Mild, and G4) and Kuuga.
The next row has Kamen Rider Faiz (Delta, Faiz, and Kaixa) and Kamen Rider Ryuki (Abyss, Ryuga, Femme, Odin, Gai, Raia, Zolda, Ryuki, Knight, Ouja, Scissors, Imperer, Tiger, Alternative, Alternative Zero, and Verde).
The next row has Kamen Rider Hibiki (Kirameki, Habataki, Nishiki, Shuki, Toki, Gouki, Danki, Zanki, Todoroki, Hibiki, Ibuki, Sabaki, Eiki, Shouki, Banki, Amaki, Kyouki, Kabuki, and Touki) and Kamen Rider Blade (Leangle, Blade, and Garren).
The next row has Kamen Rider Decade (Decade and Diend), Kamen Rider Kiva (Dark Kiva, Kiva, and Masao's Kiva), Kamen Rider Den-O (Yuuki, Nega Den-O, New Den-O, Den-O, Zeronos, Gaoh, and G Den-O) and Kamen Rider Kabuto (Ketaros, Dark Kabuto, Kabuto, Caucasus, and Hercus).
The row includes Kamen Rider Fourze (Nadeshiko, Fourze, and Meteor), Kamen Rider OOO (Poseidon, Aqua, OOO, Birth, and Proto-Birth) and Kamen Rider Double (Skull, Double/W, Accel, and Eternal).
The second to last row features Kamen Rider Gaim (Tyrant, Kamuro, Mars, Fifteen, Marika, Knuckle, Bravo, Gridon, Baron, Gaim, Ryugen, Zangetsu, Kurokage, Duke, Sigurd, Bujin Gaim, Jam, and Idun) and Kamen Rider Wizard (male and female Orange Mages, White Wizard, Wizard, Beast, Blue Mage, Green Mage, and Sorcerer) and .
The fifth row features the series
And the final/bottom row features two riders from our current series Kamen Rider Drive (3, Lupin, Chaser, Drive, Mach, Dark Drive, and 4)!

Obviously, this kinda of project is going to take me a long time. Please be patient with me as I go through and make and add other riders to the picture.  I'm only going to add riders as I go through and have enough to make another row, pretty much as I finish main riders and maybe a couple others from a series.  I'm not going to add and update each time I've made another rider - that'd be obnoxious.  And please don't ask who will be added and/or when. 

*More to come!*

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks. 
*Deeeeeeep breath*

I've decided to take the plunge and try to get some more Kamen Riders done for the Hesei series I haven't completed yet.  I think I totaled up all the riders I've done and have left to make and I'm now a little bit past the halfway mark.  Which bodes well.  I hadn't realized just how many I haven't made quite yet.  So with that being said, I'm gonna tackle them.  I may be putting off some other pieces in the process because I would really just focus on all the past riders before doing current or new things.  I'll likely take a break here and there to create some newer designs, but for the most part, everything in the foreseeable future will be past riders from past Hesei series. 

I'm gonna do this in order of my least favorite series to most favorite.  Which is another reason I'm kinda be putting works for Drive on hold for a bit since it's still airing.  Below is my order of series from least favorite (and to be made soonest) to most favorite (to be made later on).  As I complete each Hesei series, I'll try to edit this entry to keep it up to date.

Hibiki (completed 4/5/15)
Ryuki (completed 4/24/15)
Kuuga (complete)
Decade (complete - as I will be including Abyss and Kivala when I make the comparable series)
Wizard (complete)
Den-O (completed 5/15/15)
Fourze (complete)
Agito (completed 6/6/15)
Blade (completed 6/30/15)
OOO (complete)
Double (complete)
Gaim (complete)

While the above list serves as an order, it's not a timetable per se.  Some series will take more time than others because of the amount of riders or unique designs.  I'd *like/hope* to be done before Drive's series run is over in August/September of this year, but that may be unreasonable.  Please note, there will be no weapons or civilian appearances made for the remaining riders.  Also please note, I only plan to make riders from the series' runs on TV or in movies.

There it is, folks.  A general plan of attack to complete the remaining Hesei riders.  Fingers crossed I can get 'em all done by the deadline I just set.  

Thanks for tuning in!
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I've been creating pixel art as a hobby for around five or six years and got into the medium while looking for pictures of Super Sentai when I learned that was the base footage for Power Rangers. From there, I became a fan of other tokusatsu programs as well.

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