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Kamen Rider Mach by Taiko554
Kamen Rider Mach
*Updated 5/21/15 with Deadheat*


This is the second rider (kinda/sorta) from Kamen Rider Drive's TV run.  Yea, there are a couple other riders which appeared before Mach in movies/specials, but Mach is our traditional 'second rider'. 

Oddly enough, Mach has a roll call: "Tracking.  Eradicating.  I'm always at mach speed!  Kamen Rider...Mach!"

Mach started out all showy and daredevil-y, but his character has really changed recently.  The white suit and motorcycle theme have always kinda reminded me of Evel Knievel.  His suit is pretty busy, and it may have looked better being symmetrical, but it's not a godawful design.  What's more, I don't like the weird object on his right arm, whatever the heck that thing is supposed to be. 

I do intend to make the other four signal bike's wheel/symbols.  I haven't decided quite yet if I'm making the shift car wheels Mach has used so far...and it's like only three...but I still don't know yet if I'll make those.  And of course, the Deadheat variants will be coming soon enough.

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
Shinnosuke Tomari, Kamen Rider Drive by Taiko554
Shinnosuke Tomari, Kamen Rider Drive
*Updated 5/21/15 with Types Deadheat and High Speed*

This rider is....a DRIVER?!  Shinnosuke Tomari is a policeman in a special investigation unit who transforms into the race car-themed Kamen Rider Drive.  The monsters are androids and there are three main baddies at the moment, one of whom transforms into an eerie looking bike-rider hybrid thing.  Rather than a motorcycle, Drive rides around in his race car, Tridoron.

Drive's design takes some getting used to.  Truth be told, I'm still not 100% sold.  I like most of it, but I'm not too fond about the tire, spoiler on the head, and the boots/shoes.  I'm all for asymmetrical designs, but the tire is a little too much 'in your face' right now.  I've warmed up to odd designs so I'm sure I will with this one as well, I just need a little more time.  Drive uses different shift cars to change out his tire and change forms.  This picture features Drive's main "bodies" as he describes them, and types/forms as we're used to calling them.  Each type has its own specialty and its own slew of tire changes.

On the left we see Shinnosuke in a suit, with his tie done tight because he's in "top gear" (what a dumb catchphrase).
The red form is Type Speed and is Drive's first and most used form.  As it's name implies, this form is the quick and agile one.
The black form is Type Wild and is the heavy hitting strong form.
The green form is Type Technic and is the 'smart', proficient, and accurate form. 
The red/white form which is a cut-n-paste is Type Deadheat.
The silver on the bottom is Type High Speed.

I've included Belt-san off to the right in his normal eyed expression and his other 'face'....shame/disappointment?  I dunno, but we see it a bunch.  I also made the Handle Sword and Door Gun. 

So that's it for Drive for now!  Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
Kamen Rider Drive, Type High Speed by Taiko554
Kamen Rider Drive, Type High Speed
And one last piece from Kamen Rider Drive for a while.  This is a special recolor form from one of Drive's HBV's.

Type High Speed is pretty much just a silver recolor of Type Speed.  Sure, the shoulder's are new, the tire's got some weird effect/design, and there's a "hood ornament" on the helmet, but other than that, just a recolor.  Not too exciting really, but it doesn't look half bad. 

And no, I do not currently have any plans to make Mega Max Flare.

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
Kamen Riders Drive and Mach, Deadheat by Taiko554
Kamen Riders Drive and Mach, Deadheat
Here's a fairly odd design from Kamen Rider Drive, the two versions of Deadheat.

Drive is on the left, Mach on the right.  The normal, standard tire is on tip and I went ahead and tried to make the shattered tire version on the bottom.  The bottom is when they enter the 'Dead Zone' which further increases their abilities but is shown to be pretty damaging and dangerous.  Though it seems that this has now been conquered and is no longer really dangerous. 

The cut-n-paste nature of these forms really doesn't look good.  It's nice they the designs are slightly (ever-so-slightly) different with the riders' respective belts and helmets.  I've never been a fan of cut-n-paste designs, and although this is official, this really cements why it's not a good idea to do it.  I still don't like it, but at least I'm done with it.  

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
Kamen Rider Mach Signal Changes by Taiko554
Kamen Rider Mach Signal Changes
Like I said on the main Mach pic, I'm committed to at least making the signal changes where Mach uses his various Signal Bikes.  I haven't ruled out making the 'tire changes' using the Shift Cars, but I'm definitely not planning on it anytime soon. 

From left to right: Magaru (turn), Kakusan (split), Tomare (stop), and Kiken (danger). 

The symbols were kinda fun/mostly a pain to make.  I do like the powers/abilities given to Mach when he uses them, though it seems like he hasn't used them in a while since Mach mastered Deadheat. 

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
*Deeeeeeep breath*

I've decided to take the plunge and try to get some more Kamen Riders done for the Hesei series I haven't completed yet.  I think I totaled up all the riders I've done and have left to make and I'm now a little bit past the halfway mark.  Which bodes well.  I hadn't realized just how many I haven't made quite yet.  So with that being said, I'm gonna tackle them.  I may be putting off some other pieces in the process because I would really just focus on all the past riders before doing current or new things.  I'll likely take a break here and there to create some newer designs, but for the most part, everything in the foreseeable future will be past riders from past Hesei series. 

I'm gonna do this in order of my least favorite series to most favorite.  Which is another reason I'm kinda be putting works for Drive on hold for a bit since it's still airing.  Below is my order of series from least favorite (and to be made soonest) to most favorite (to be made later on).  As I complete each Hesei series, I'll try to edit this entry to keep it up to date.

Hibiki (completed 4/5/15)
Ryuki (completed 4/24/15)
Kuuga (complete)
Decade (complete - as I will be including Abyss and Kivala when I make the comparable series)
Wizard (complete)
Den-O (completed 5/15/15)
Fourze (complete)
OOO (complete)
Double (complete)
Gaim (complete)

While the above list serves as an order, it's not a timetable per se.  Some series will take more time than others because of the amount of riders or unique designs.  I'd *like/hope* to be done before Drive's series run is over in August/September of this year, but that may be unreasonable.  Please note, there will be no weapons or civilian appearances made for the remaining riders.  Also please note, I only plan to make riders from the series' runs on TV or in movies.

There it is, folks.  A general plan of attack to complete the remaining Hesei riders.  Fingers crossed I can get 'em all done by the deadline I just set.  

Thanks for tuning in!
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I've been creating pixel art as a hobby for around five or six years and got into the medium while looking for pictures of Super Sentai when I learned that was the base footage for Power Rangers. From there, I became a fan of other tokusatsu programs as well.

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