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Time to start tackling the remaining designs from Gaim.  Yay?  Yay.
Gaim Riders, Yomotsuheguri Arms by Taiko554
Gaim Riders, Yomotsuheguri Arms
Even though it's a one off form and there is no indication of another yomotsugehuri lockseed being around, I decided to whip this together anyway.  Plus, there probably would've been too many questions otherwise.

Yomotsugehuri Arms is just a mashup of Ryugen's two forms.  The dark red coloring doesn't look too bad on anyone, but it is kinda weird seeing this armor atop regular Ryugen's undersuit.  However, I will not be including that undersuit in any of the 'all Gaim riders' pictures.

From left to right: Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, Zangetsu, Gridon, Kurokage, Bravo, Bujin Gaim, and Knuckle.

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
Kamen Rider Ryugen by Taiko554
Kamen Rider Ryugen
*Updated 10/19/14 with Yomotsuheguri Arms*

This is the next rider from Kamen Rider Gaim. Ryugen's motif appears to be more ancient Chinese armor than samurai or medieval knight.

Ryugen's form here is Grape Arms, but I think the actual name the driver states is 'Budou Arms'. Ryugen has a gun weapon, but like Baron, I have no plans to make secondary riders' weapons or civilian forms.  The next form is Kiwi Arms.  While I like Budou's look, I'm not as much a fan of Kiwi.  The one thing I do like is the shoulder pads being almost symmetrical but actually different sizes.  In this form, Ryugen gains a pair of very large circular blades.

Yomotsuheguri Arms is the dark red mash up form used to fight Kouta near the end of the series.  Yomotsuheguri Arms uses his life force and actually get destroyed, so it's kind of a one-off.  This form can use either of his other forms' weapons and also is able to use some of the overlord's weapons.  Those weapons however, I will not make.

The weapons are the Budou Ryuhou gun and Kiwi Gekirin rings. 

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
Kamen Rider Ryugen, Yomotsuheguri Arms by Taiko554
Kamen Rider Ryugen, Yomotsuheguri Arms
Well I've got a bunch of pieces and forms left to make for Kamen Rider Gaim.  So to start it off, here's Kamen Rider Ryugen in his upgrade form, Yomotsuheguri Arms. 

Ryugen/Mitchy uses this lockseed to take out Gaim/Kouta but the lockseed zaps his life force.  So His coloring gets all different and his two forms get mashed together.  Yomotsuheguri can roughly translate to 'fruit of hell' so everything looks bad and discolored.  Ryugen also gets a new skirt and his orbs on his chest get a little black flame design. 

Although I like the idea of a mashed together form like this, I would've liked it more if the helmet/Kiwi head got recolored too.  It just retains the same lime-green and brown coloring which is kinda boring. 

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
Kamen Rider Drive, Type Speed Tires by Taiko554
Kamen Rider Drive, Type Speed Tires
**Updated 10/17/14 with three new tires**

So I've decided to go ahead and try to make the different tires Kamen Rider Drive will end up having throughout the series.  Eventually this will be a picture for all the tires as the series goes on. 

From left to right:
Max Flare, Funky Spike, Midnight Shadow, Justice Hunter, Spin Mixer, and Dimension Cab.

As time goes on, I will be updating this picture with the various tire koukan/exchanges for Type Speed only.  I think I'll be making another picture for his actual types/forms and tires accordingly, with the main Drive pic just dedicated to actual types/forms.  Now, if I make the few weapons that come with the tires is another question for another time.  So far, there are two other tires which have been previewed but those have a bit more detail to them that I need to get a closer look at, so I'll be making them later.

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
Apparently stuff like this is OK?

I can't find a single thing in that gallery that wasn't taken from another website, be it an English toku blog (or several), Gaim's production website, actors/actress' personal social media account, etc.  Everything is stolen.  Nothing was created by the user.  I don't get it.  He's not fooling anybody in thinking he created those pictures, right?  Is anybody able to explain why that user is allowed to have an account?  If no, I recommend everybody start reporting the user and any images you can prove are stolen. 

And as a final piece of information: when I asked that user if anything in his gallery was actually his or if he had permission to post ANYthing in his gallery, I was ignored and blocked.  Innocent people in the clear don't sweep things under the rug.

Please and thank you.
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I've been creating pixel art as a hobby for around five or six years and got into the medium while looking for pictures of Super Sentai when I learned that was the base footage for Power Rangers. From there, I became a fan of other tokusatsu programs as well.

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Alright, I've attempted to use your shading advice on a little project I'm doing for a freind of mine, and I wanna know how I did. (I only put up the chest plate, because that's all that I need to show). Don't be afraid to be harsh if I did it wrong, I just wish to know if I'm on the right track.

((If you need to take a closer look, don't be afraid to download it.)) 
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Um... hi there. I've been looking at a few of your Sentai and Rider pictures, and they look pretty nice. Thusly, I'd like to ask for a request... you don't have to do it if you don't want to, but it'd be really cool to see what these guys look like in picture. You see, I work with these three other guys on Toku Fanfiction, and we've ended up creating three Sentai teams and three OC Riders that we use in our fanfics. I was wondering if you might be able to actually bring them into vision.
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I do not take requests.
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Hey, when you get some spare time to kill, could you look at the Redesign of my 'Bitoku Sentai Naitoger'? I've improved quite a bit sense the original, and I would really like to hear your thoughts.
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I just left a comment.
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Thank you! ^^
tonyredlane Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
Hi, it's me again. I've seen the Legendary Ranger Modes and it's the exact same suit and gender as Gokaiger. It's pointless doing that again when you've already done the suits, OK?
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Hey, dude.

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