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Additional Toqgers by Taiko554
Additional Toqgers
I've hit a little block with designing an original team so I'm trying to jog something loose with this.  I've done a few additional pieces for Sentai series before and I would've waited til the end of the series to make these but like I said...blocked.  Plus, a rumor has it that there may be a violet Toqger making an appearance in the returns movie.  That kind got me in a mood to make some others based on the support ressha/trains. 

ToQ 7 (nana-gou) is the crimson old ranger with a cane-changer instead of a wrist changer, based on Diesel Ressha. 
ToQ 8 (hachi-gou) is the amber female based on Car Carrier Ressha.
ToQ 9 (kyuu-gou) is the cyan female based on Tank Ressha.
ToQ 10 (juu-gou) is the dark green male based on Shield Ressha. 
ToQ 11 (juuichi-gou) is the scarlet female based on Fire Ressha.
ToQ 12 (juuni-gou) is the white male based on Police Ressha.
ToQ 13 (juusan-gou) is the navy male based on Drill Ressha.

7-10 are made in the same mold as the core five and would probably be able to transfer lines with them.  No, I am not going to show that.  ToQ 7 has a beard to indicate his age and in my mind, that beard would transfer to any helmet/color that character did; i.e. the beard would appear on the other helmets and at times, the crimson helmet above would not have a beard.  11 and 12 are a pair, with a new design on their chests and shoulders.  11 and 12 have lights to go along with their emergency vehicle team.  I know there's that one episode where Right/ToQ1 fades into a white version because he's depressed/didn't change lines/some such thing, but the Police Ressha is white, so white for this ranger.  13 is made similar to ToQ 6 but with a few bits of armor.

I did not make a ranger for the Hyper Ressha because that's tied to the armor and really seems to be ToQ 1's personal upgrade mech much like MogyuDaiOh was for Shinken Red.  Further, Hyper Ressha/Terminal is it's own robo and not attachments like most of these are.  And it's also different in the fact that Toq Rainbow has all the previous 13 ressha on its body, so now there are 13 rangers to control that robo.  It makes sense this way to me.  Also, Scope Ressha and Energy Ressha are not mecha.  They are weapons, ergo, no robo-sized version, ergo no rangers.  Only ressha with trains atop ToQ Rainbow get rangers, if that makes it easy. 

All in all these were fun to make, though making the pose for ToQ 7 was more challenging than I had hoped.  I do like really like how the armors for 11 and 12 came out. 

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.   
Gosou Gundan Gokanger by Taiko554
Gosou Gundan Gokanger
Here's a new Sentai/ranger team I've been thinking on for a bit.  The full name is Gosou Gundan Gokanger (lit. Convoy Corps Interchangebale-ger).  Or, as a nickname, G-Cubed.  The theme of the team is vehicles and form changes.  The team's core three are able to change their color and vehicle, and thereby their mecha.  I really wanted to make a team of armored heroes, kinda like a team of riders.  And to me, that meant a team based on tech and vehicles.     

The team is comprised of Gokan-1, Gokan-2, Gokan-3, and (the extra) Gokan-0.  Their primary forms are based on automobiles and are pictured at the top of their columns.  In the next row, on the left features their forms utilizing aircraft.  On the right are their forms utilizing watercraft.  The last row is their 'movie special' (inspired by Toqger's Safari Change) which is inspired by rescue vehicles. 

Gokan-1's forms are the Red Racecar, Magenta Jet, Orange Speedboat, and Navy Police.   
Goakn-2's forms are Green Buggy, Yellow Copter, Teal Submarine, and Pink Ambulance.
Gokan-3's forms are Blue Trailer, Cyan Bomber, Violet Cargoship, and Scarlet Firetruck.
Gokan-0's one and only form is the Black Spaceship.

The core's various forms are specialized for terrain.  The forms are only interchangeable within the characters, not between them.  There's also no real reason for it, since they all have their own specialized forms and no need for the others' forms.  Gokan-1 is all about speed; Gokan-2 is geared towards maneuverability; Gokan-3 is the heavy hitter based around defense; and Gokan-4 is well-balanced.  Their forms' colors are meant to be near their basic/primary forms so we get some different gender pairings than we've seen in Sentai before, but some rare familiar ones as well.  The 'movie special' forms are a break away from this and give them drastically different colors on their armor and base suits.  The landcraft vehicles feature wheels on their helmets; the aircraft helmets have protrusions like wings or copter blades; and the watercraft helmets have a pseudo scuba-apparatus on both sides.  The 'movie special' forms get a bunch of sirens to correspond with their rescue theme. 

In my head, the robo is made of three pieces: Gokan-1's vehicles make up the head and upper torso; Gokan-2's make up the arms and mid-torso; Gokan-3's make up the hips and legs.  It's kinda like a ranger/robo version of OOO's forms.  The robo itself is made of interchangeable sections, so there'd be a specific robo most geared towards land, air, and sea, but also various mix-and match versions.  Gokan-0 has his own mecha, a transforming spacechip/robo.  His mecha can also attach to the core's robo when they use a specifically geared combination. 
The cube theme plays a lot into their symbols.  Their symbol is a cube with a G on each side.  Their helmets have a smaller cube in the center.  The belts also have cubes.  The colored belt cube changes with each form.  Their chest display the team symbol on one side and their specific designation of that form on the other.        

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
Droit Corps Minuteman by Taiko554
Droit Corps Minuteman
A way, way, WAY long time ago I made an original sentai ranger team called Minuteman.  I think they had a lot to do with the theme of time, so the only thing I'm really reviving here is the name.  This team protects basic rights of expression and as such fight against those who seek to suppress, subjugate, or terrorize others.  Their theme, design, and names are heavily influenced by the American Revolutionary War, the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights, Presidents, Founding Fathers, philosophers, etc.  Despite all the influences from that era, some inspiration is taken from the French involvement in that history. 

"Droit" is French for 'right' as in liberties, freedoms, etc.  Minuteman was a term given to American militas who were readily able to quickly respond to threats.  Corps is a nice stand in for squadron but also a homonym for core, as in core/basic human rights.   

Red Wolf of Speech/John E. Jackson (named after John Adams, Edmund Randolph, and Andrew Jackson)
Black Bear of Press/Tom M. Jay (named after Thomas Jefferson, Martin Van Buren, and John Jay)
Yellow Snake of Religion/James W. Knox (named after James Madison/Monroe, William Henry Harrison, and Henry Knox)
Green Stag of Assembly/Quinn A. Franklin (named after John Quincy Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin Franklin)
Blue Lark of Petition/Abby F. Lafayette (named after Abigail Adams, François-Marie Arouet[Voltaire], and Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette[his full title is super long])
White Eagle of Life/George R. Lafayette (named after George Washington, René Descartes, and Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette)

Rankings by stars: White 6, Red 5, Black 4, Yellow 3, Green 2, Blue 1.  Red and Blue are romantic interests.  Blue and White are siblings from France, hence their last name Lafayette and their middle names being two very famous French philosophers.  The males' first names are the first six Presidents of the US in reverse order of their rank: White/6 is George Washington, 1st President; Red/5 is John Adams, 2nd President; Black/4 is Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President; Yellow/3 is James Madison/Monroe, 4th and 5th Presidents; Green is John Quincy Adams, 6th President.  Stars feature in their designs, but their belt buckle is the French fluer-de-lis.  In my head's story, the powers, suits, etc., are based on earlier French designs so the buckle is an homage to that.

The general design of their suits is made to look slightly reminiscent of soldiers of the Revolutionary War era, especially Continental Soldiers.  As the sixth, White gets changed up a bit with epaulet-like shoulder armor and a cape.  White's helmet also has three stars rather than one: symbolizing life, liberty, and happiness; or executive, legislative, and judicial.  Their helmets aren't too influenced by their animals, save for a little bit of detail on the visors.  The helmets are supposed to look slightly like trifold hats, which I know makes them look very similar to Gokaiger's helmets.  But I tried to differentiate them a little bit. 

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks. 
Heikoger Elseworld, Part 6 by Taiko554
Heikoger Elseworld, Part 6
I've been wanting to get back to this original sentai idea of mine.  And while I have a LOT of ideas for parallel worlds, I really wanted to do something as a tribute to my favorite cartoons as a kid by the fantastic and iconic animator Bruce Timm.  So I went ahead and made a new set of templates as an homage. 
This world is part of the greater universe of Mugen Sentai Heikoger, the main idea pictured and described here, Mugen Sentai Heikoger  Basically, it's a sentai/ranger idea that plays around with the concept of parallel dimensions and the teams from each dimension.

This world is N1M8.  In this world, ranger titles have been passed down since the world's golden age of heroes in the 1940s.  The rangers here come from a wide and intertwining legacy of heroes and stories which intertwine.  Unknown to these rangers or their predecessors, their world's Dr. Idnum had found doors to parallel worlds, opening the dimension of N1M8 to new threats they have never faced before.  The forces of interdimensional evil bring challenges to N1M8's heroes who are used to dealing with strictly human-capable crimes.  The N1M8 rangers have always dreamed of doing more to combat evil and crime, so they decide to help the C0R3 team by traveling through the dimensions.  The N1M8 rangers' predecessors assure them that their world can still be protected by the 'old guard' and that it's the duty of the N1M8 team to help other worlds.  The C0R3 and N1M8 teams are hardly ever in the same dimension, but when they are, evil doesn't stand a chance. 

Like I said, the team is meant to be an homage to Bruce Timm's character designs/bodies.  I made the new templates closer to what characters in the Batman/Superman Animated Series, Batman Beyond, and the Justice League series looked like.  I also went with black outlines and VERY minimal shading to give them a more animated feel.  Their suits are also much more basic than the C0R3 or other teams, and feature underpants (of course!).  I took out silver as an accent color and the 'starting five' (red, green, blue, yellow, and pink) have very minimal gold.  I looked at a bunch of comic book heroes, specifically those in the series mentioned above, and those designs don't tend to have many colors on their suits.  As such, their coloring is really different from the C0R3 team and I like that a lot, it makes them feel all the more unique to me.  I gave the suits a bit of linework reminiscent of the white/black sections on the C0R3 team.  All in all, I love these templates.  I like the shading I was able to do, I like their simplicity and cartoon proportions.  I almost gave Heiko White a cape, but decided against it because all I hear is Edna Mode from The Incredibles, "NO CAPES!"

I hope to try and make a new Heikoger Elseworlds picture once a month for a bit.  As I said, I have a bunch of ideas for different teams, ranging from animal themes to element themes, more evil versions, and everything in-between.  I may even use this template again to convey some of those world, who knows.  The possibilities are endless (on purpose!).

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.  And thanks to Bruce Timm for being behind so much of my childhood.       
Ressha Sentai Toqger, Safari Change by Taiko554
Ressha Sentai Toqger, Safari Change
Here's a very unique and odd change from Ressha Sentai Toqger.  In the Galaxy Line movie, the core five are able to use those animal resshas and gain some modified suits.

ToQ1 uses the lion ressha, gaining some big ol' chunky claws.
ToQ2 uses the eagle ressha, gaining some wings.
ToQ3 uses the wildcate ressha, gaining very tiny claws.
ToQ4 uses the alligator ressha, gaining a pair of toothed alligator-themed gauntlets.
ToQ5 uses the pands ressha, gaining a panda suit.  Yup.

All in all, I don't care for these changes.  Their arsenal is great without any animal influence so I don't like that the special movie-exclusive is animal inspired.  And the modifications are just silly.  A panda suit? Really, c'mon.  The one thing I do like is their symbols on their chests, those look nice.  There's some random repaint of ToQ6's build ressha in a tiger-stripe pattern but Toq6 never changes into a tiger-like design.  Good thing too, because that's way too many mammals.

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.    
It's a new year, so I've decided to try something new out.  I just joined the brave, new world of Twitter.  I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing or if I'll even keep the account.  But for now, it's there to chitchat/tweet/talk with people, hopefully in a civil way (...hopefully).

Hit me up?  Tweet at me?  What even is the term?  I feel like I'm too old to learn all that junk. #oldsoul? #rookiestatus?  Sure.  Why not.
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I've been creating pixel art as a hobby for around five or six years and got into the medium while looking for pictures of Super Sentai when I learned that was the base footage for Power Rangers. From there, I became a fan of other tokusatsu programs as well.

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